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Get The Street-Luxe Look

If you're like me, you love to wear nice things. You like putting together a nice #ootd, carefully choosing the appropriate shoe to sport, and painstakingly transferring all your personal items from one backpack to another to coordinate with your look of the day. If you're like me, the time, effort, and dedication we put into our fashion is intentional, strategic, and sometimes expensive (better sign up for those coupons/rewards). However, for most of us, we're all about saving our coins wherever possible. For those of you out there, who, like me, like nice items that are unique, stand out, but are also sensitive and friendly to the coins in your bank account, then you should definitely check out SNKR Project.

Prior to just a few days ago, I had never heard of SNKR Project, however, I was aimlessly scrolling on Instagram and came across a thumb-stopper sponsored post by SNKR Project. By the way, I was a marketing major in college and currently work in marketing/communications, so I have to give SNKR Project their kudos on successfully sponsoring a post that'll urge a social media user to halt their aimless scroll in 1-2 seconds - bravo!

I decided to click the sponsored post to browse the website and was really impressed with the product offerings. Their products were very stylish, unique, and affordably priced - all the things I like to hear. I also liked the fact that every element of the shoes design were designed by a team in NYC. However, I did indeed put on my Joe Goldberg hat (where are my Netflix's 'You' binge watchers?) and did some digging/research on SNKR Project because I didn't want to be scammed by an "Instagram brand".

I discovered that SNKR Project was indeed more than an "Instagram brand" and actually had products sold in stores like Bloomingdales, Finish Line, and larger independent retail chains like Dr. Jay's and City Gear. I even watched a number of YouTube videos to get unfiltered reviews by consumers. Feeling comfortable with my discoveries, I removed my Joe Goldberg hat and decided to purchase three pairs of shoes. I placed my order on Wednesday with free shipping and was pleasantly surprised to see my packages delivered to my doorstep on Saturday all the way from NYC to Ohio.

I open all three packages and was splendidly satisfied with the product packaging, style, quality, and fit of each pair of shoes. Not only are they stylish and unique, but because of their style and material, they provide versatility. They are shoes I can style in a very street-style manner, but I can also pair with slacks and dress up in a modern, office-chic fashion. In addition to the photos above, below are the other two shoes I purchased.

All in all, I'm excited for my new brand discovery and am pleasantly pleased with the products and my overall experience. SNKR Project, you've gained a new customer!

SNKR Project is a NYC based brand that realized there were no luxury sneaker designs that you could purchase at a more affordable price point. SNKR Project has a mission to prove that you don't have to break the bank, drop a bag, or spend obnoxious coins to buy luxury sneaker designs. SNKR Project was established in 2016.

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