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Get The Celebrity Look!

Many people look at celebrities and idolize them and their ever-fashionable wardrobe. I think we all wish we could "get the look" but suddenly realize we only have gas money and a chipotle gift card with $15.25 remaining to last us the next week. What a hard life right!? We all just want to wake up, ball, shot call, and live our best lives! Well, don't be discouraged - I'm here to tell you that you can indeed get the celebrity look....and on a budget, too!

To add some content that's a little bit different from my norm, I think I'm going to periodically share some "get the celebrity look" posts to show how you can look like your favorite celebrity on a "I work 8 hours a day + Lyft on the weekends" budget.

You can see in the photos that Usher is rocking a blue, denim on denim fit paired with grays and a white hanky. I feel like this is definitely a fit that was probably styled by a stylist and is a look that is quite edgy. This is a look that I most definitely probably wouldn't rock normally, however, if I was looking to dress outside of my norm, I was able to pull off this look quite easily.

The look:

Hat: H&M - $10

Jacket: Levi's (from Century 21) - $30

Shirt: Old Navy - $10

Handkerchief: Zara (from Marshall's) - $10

Jeans: Banana Republic - $15 (clearance!)

Boots: Kohls - $35

Entire cost: $110

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