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DIY Green Wall Foliage

I am absolutely obsessed with my DIY LED backlit green wall foliage!

Before we get too far into the details, here's a little backstory....Since I moved in my place back in April, I had no idea what to do with this space. Pretty much every area of my apartment was decorated except for this space because nothing "felt" or looked right. Fast forward 8 months later, I woke up at 6am on my holiday break with an idea to create some sort of greenery wall decor for this space myself. Knowing that I must make my move when the creative juices are flowing, I was up and out of the house by 8:30am to hit the stores to just browse around for various ideas.

After hitting up a few stores, I finally ended up at Hobby Lobby - where my idea earlier that morning suddenly became an idea in action.

I picked up all of my materials for this project at Hobby Lobby (minus the LED lights, check out Menards for that). Before we go further, here's what you'll need for this project:

- (8) 6ft. green garland: Here, you have the freedom to choose the foliage you like to suit your taste. I chose three types of garland varying in shades of green and textures to provide an interesting appeal to the eye.)

- (2) boxes of 23' long LED clear mini-lights (christmas lights): This will be used as the backlighting to the foliage.

- (2) 3ft. long unfinished wood poles: The poles are for the top and the base of the wall hanging. The poles are essential in holding the garland and the LED lights in place and also for hanging.

- (1) can of spray paint: I used the spray paint to paint the unfinished poles to match the wood color throughout my home decor.

- (1) roll of burlap string: The burlap string was used to tie the top of each garland piece to the top wooden pole. The burlap string is also used to tie the LED lights to both the top and bottom wooden poll.

- (1) roll of clear rope: The clear rope is used to hang the finished piece.

- (2) command stick hooks (holds up to 15lbs): The clear rope will hang on these two hooks.


#1: Use the spray paint you purchased to paint both wooden poles.

#2: After drying, place your poles about 6 feet apart on the floor. You'll first begin tying the LED lights to the poles so that they'll fall behind the greenery. Place the outlet end of the LED lights about 2-3 inches from the end of the pole and then tie it to the pole using the burlap string. NOTE: Whichever pole you tie the outlet end of the lights to will be the bottom end of your wall hanging (so you can plug into outlet).

#3: Once you have the outlet end of the lights tied to one pole, pull the lights straight to the top pole, then tie that end to the pole. On the same pole, pull the string over a couple inches and tie it to the same top pole. This will allow there to be a few inches between each row of lights. Then pull the lights straight down and tie it to the bottom pole. Keep doing this until you've strung your lights the width of your poles. I have 6 rows of lights in my wall hanging.

#4: Once your lights are tied to the top and bottom poles, you can then begin laying your garland over the lights and tying them to your top pole. (I recommend to lay the garland on the floor in the way you'd like to tie them before actually doing so.) Use the burlap string to tie each garland to the top pole.

#5: Stick your Command Hooks onto the wall you want to hang your wall foliage. The Command Hooks should be about a foot apart.

#6: Take the clear rope and tie it to both ends of the top pole.

#7: Carefully pick up your hanging by the top pole and clear rope. Place the rope onto the hooks and adjust so the wall hanging is centered and not lopsided.

#8: Plug your LED lights into the outlet.

#9: Begin pulling apart the garland and arranging according to your desired taste. Having overlap between the garland creates a fuller look and also covers the lights better so they'll not super exposed.

#10: Enjoy the beauty and creativity of your creation :) This makes a gorgeous backdrop for your Instagram selfies LOL

Project Cost: $100.

Stores: Hobby Lobby & Menards

Project Length: Roughly 3 hours

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