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The Real Fab 5!

So, can we talk a little bit about how epic my friends and I halloween celebration was! First of all, we KILLED our Fab 5 crew recreation from the Netflix show, Queer Eye. Secondly, we got the official stamp of approval from 3 of the Fab 5 members - literally! Karamo reposted our photo on his Instagram story saying, "Love! The gangs all here!". He also DMd me saying, "Lol so good!". Tan commented on our photo saying, "SO, SO GOOD!". Lastly, Bobby commented on our photo with a bunch of heart emojis!

We started off the night saying we would recreate some photos, post to social media and tag the Fab 5 crew, however, we didn't anticipate that within the FIRST HOUR of the photos being posted that we'd receive so much engagement from the Fab 5 crew! This ignited a flame as we would so anxiously check our Instagram accounts throughout the night (even in the club on the dance floor) to see if Antoni or Jonathan would comment or share our photo.

Cheers to a successful halloween helped in part by the official Fab 5 crew! Karamo = Me, Bobby = Stevon, Tan = Lucas, Jonathan = Kallie, Antoni = Justin, Antoni's Avocado = Alex.

#halloween #queereye #costume

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