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Dapper Desk - Home Office

It's been a while since I've shared an update on the progress of my new apartment. I've been in my new digs for about 2 full months now and I've been loving every bit of it. I think a fun fact to note is that I've yet to cook a meal in my new place - I've either gone home (Mom's house) or to chipotle for dinner for 2 months LOL. It's not that I don't have money for groceries, it's just that I refuse to cook until I've personally cleaned the stove. Update: the stove is now cleaned, so now I'll buy groceries :)

On the other hand, I've been waiting anxiously these 2 months for the Old West End festival. The Old West End festival is a large neighborhood festival in an area that's known for the Victorian and Edwardian style mansions. During the 2.5 day fest, there's drinking, home tours, drinking, yard sales, food trucks, drinking, and musical entertainment!

This year, I was bummed by not having any good finds at the yard sales, but right when I was about to surrender my hunt and return home - I saw a lady dancing, which caught my attention. I proceeded to walk across the street to the house with the dancing lady, and there is when I stumbled across this beautiful walnut, convertible desk. As I inspected the desk I saw that the top half of the desk folds down and the front shelf folds upward - converting into a hutch or console where you can simply display nik-naks or a picture frame on top. Immediately, I asked, "How much? I'll take it."The dancing lady responded, "Ehhh, I'll give it to you for $20." SOLD! The dancing lady was even kind enough to deliver it to my house a few blocks back later that day!

You may also notice the guitar I have hanging on the wall - I actually bought it, along with another guitar, at last year's Old West Festival for a total of $30. One guitar ended up being no good, so it was discarded but the other just remained in the case and on the floor for literally a year. Today, I finally bought a wall hook and mounted the guitar to wall where it now adds so much beauty and character to the space.

The other nik-naks on the desk were purchased at Home Goods - minus the Macbook :) As an artist and creative myself, I absolutely loved the color, weirdness, and querkiness of the chameleon painting!

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