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Accessories Galore

As promised, I have an update to share with you all in my home design project!

#1: I finally have tables!

I was just in Portland, OR this past week when my mom texted me a photo of some tables asking if I liked them. Knowing how picky I am, she said she frantically awaited my reply in hopes that I'd love them as much as she did. Also for the fact that she lucked on these for resale. She ended up getting the coffee table and side table for a steal!

#2: Accessories! Accessories!

Now that I have tables, I went out and bought some accessories to jazz up the overall look. It's like clothes, everyone knows the accessories puts the finishing touches on the fit - watches, hats, rings, bracelets,'s all about the detail.

To break up the blues and grays color scheme, I decided to make a bold color statement with the bright yellow flowers. Aside from the wood, being the only differing color in the space, the yellow flowers definitely pops!

In efforts of making the small space appear to be bigger, I decided to go with a table tray with a mirror as it's base to reflect the ceiling. PRO TIP: Mirrors can help make a small space appear to be bigger due to its reflection of the room. The decorative detail around the table tray encompasses a very elegant look.

It's important to always include part of who you are in your living space - whether its what you do, what you love, or literally who you are. Everyone knows how much I love NYC; when I saw that big huge NYC book I couldn't resist. However, much to my surprise, what appeared to be a book about NYC is actually a storage box. I decided to store all of my GQ magazines in the NYC box.

#3: Greenery!

It's pretty much a fact that every room needs greenery, it's a must. And there's never a situation (that I can think of) where greenery doesn't fit or match. Not only does greenery bring additional color to the space, but it also brings a sense of life. Just the fact that a living and growing plant lives within your space gives a sense of peace, life, and growth. And also depending on the plant, some delightful aromatherapy.

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