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Bougie On A Dime

Okay okay, I'm bougie af to have these Tommy Hilfiger towels and shower curtains but it was on sale for an irresistible price. I tried to walk away but I heard the voice of the Lordt say, "Purchase in thy name and bless thou bathroom with these regal threads." So, basically I was just being obedient.

Anyways, I stopped into my local Home Goods to just browse around and stumbled upon these gems for my bathroom. I found these super soft red, white, and blue Tommy Hilfiger towels embroidered with a red lobster. I really love the extra, bold detail the red lobster provides - I also love anything nautical themed. Along with the towels, I found these silver metallic chevron printed Tommy Hilfiger shower curtains. The metallic finish gives the shower curtain a more sophisticated, sleek, and modern look as the light reflects off the silver chevrons giving the appearance to be made of a silk fabric. Lastly, I found these shiny, silver double-hooked shower hooks for the curtains and liner. Even something as simple as a nice shower hook can really upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Ditch the old, white, plastic rings and purchase a decorative hook for just pennies more.

See, you too can be bougie on a dime LOL.

Tommy Hilfiger towel: $16.99

Tommy Hilfiger shower curtain: $12.99

Decorative Double-Hooked shower hooks: $4.99

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