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Bold Like the Bey-Hive

The cream and black pin stripe against the bold yellow background reminds me of a bee-hive, or because I am a fan of Beyonce, the Bey-hive. Just as you never irritate the bee-hive, never upset the Bey-hive because they're bold and vicious and will sting you into repentance LOL.

Anyways, I'm a person who will rather take the bold-printed route versus the bold-color route. Meaning, when I'm looking to make a statement, I still need to have a sense of conservativeness so I'll choose a bold pattern that's neutral in color versus a plain bold color or a bold pattern with bold color. It's important to have self-realization; if you go out wearing something you're not comfortable in, it will affect other areas of yourself such as how you walk, how you talk, and even your confidence levels in what you do. When you look good and feel good with how you look, it exudes and typically displays higher levels of confidence.

For this look, I wanted to make a bold statement (hence the large pin stripe) but still keep a minimalist flavor (hence no belt & the shirt being completely buttoned). However, I should add, never not wear a belt if your pants are going to be falling off your waist - that's not a good look, makes you look sloppy in appearance. To finish off this simplistic look, I just added a nice gold watch to accent the black and cream color.

My Look:

Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Watch: Michael Kors

Photographer: Jake Weber

Instagram: @jakeweberphoto


#pinstripe #beyhive

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