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I am a man that loves scents - whether it's cologne, car fresheners, candles, or oils! Having no scent is almost as bad as having a stinky scent. There's something about a good scent that brings me a tiny bit of happiness that only a good fragrance can provide.

No matter where I'm going, I'm always either wearing a cologne or a scented lotion (shoutout to Bath & Body Works for the bomb male lotions). Side note: Yes, Bath & Body Works has a small men's section near the registers - check it out! Any who, I frequently get asked the question, "You smell really good, what are you wearing!?" Well, chances are I'm probably wearing one of the following colognes as they have been my favorite go-to's over the past few weeks.

Lacoste Red, Style in Play for Men. This is a very sporty scent with fruity or apple notes. I tend to wear this cologne when I'm dressed down for work (casual Friday's) or either out and about running errands. It's a very energizing scent.

Sauvage by Christian Dior. This is a fresh, yet spicy scent with prevalent notes of bergamot. It's a pretty versatile scent so I normally alternate between this and Legend Spirit at work. The scent is very distinct - I've had multiple people question, "Are you wearing Sauvage by Dior?", while just out running errands.

Legend Spirit by Mont Blanc. This is probably my favorite fragrance at the moment. Legend Spirit offers a timeless, cool scent. It's very aromatic with citrus notes accompanied with a bit of spice. As my current favorite fragrance, it's my go-to for work, special events, or if I'm headed out for a night on the town.

Lacoste Red: I purchased at Perfumania for $74

Savage by Dior: I purchased at Elder Beerman for $74

Legend Spirit: I purchased at Elder Beerman for $68

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