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Buffalo Checkmate

Buffalo check is one of my favorite prints, especially during the holiday season. I'm not sure how or why buffalo check gains popularity during the holiday season - but I'm glad it does! Buffalo check is such a classic print and it instantly transforms your look to give a more classy feel. Checkmate - buffalo check is always a win!

Anyways, there's a funny story behind my buffalo check jacket. I just traveled to NYC last week and the first store I shopped at was Gap, right across the street from the Bloomberg building. I walk in and the first thing that caught my eye was this oversized, sherpa collar, buffalo check jacket. This jacket is pretty unique as it is apart of the limited edition Gap + GQ collection made by fashion designer, AMI.

AMI's Gap pieces are perfect for guys who want to dress well, but not look as if they're trying too hard. The jacket was originally $250 I believe, but was on sale for $150. I had a $30 Gap gift card that I received from a gift exchange previously, so I expected to pay about $120 out of pocket for this jacket. I approached the register to pay for my item, the cashier scans it and then whips out a calculator and starts doing some kind of math calculation. After about 30-40 seconds, she then says, "Okay, your total is $67". In my mind I was confused but also doing cartwheels of excitement. Without asking any questions, I hand her my $30 gift card and then I paid the remaining $37 out of pocket!

Essentially, I bought a $250 limited edition Gap + GQ collection jacket for $37!!! This is the type of an unexpected surprise I live for! I ran out the store so fast, I'm sure all the cashier saw was a brown flash! (LOL)

Jacket: Gap + GQ collection by AMI

Hat: H&M

Turtleneck: Aeropostale

Glasses: Tommy Hilfiger

Watch: Fossil

#Gap #GQ #AMI #buffalocheck #sherpa

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