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Ann Arbor - Michigan Gem

A few weekends ago I finally got the chance to travel to Ann Arbor and actually explore the town, it's beautiful! Hopped in the car after Sunday church service and road tripped with some friends up to Michigan. Upon arrival, we discovered the Taste of Ann Arbor was happening - what an air of fun, warmth, and happiness that filled the streets as we walked and saw people laughing, smiling, eating, and drinking. So much happiness on top of perfect weather in a beautiful town made for a great day.

I'm horrible at remembering names, but we went to have lunch at this place that was...interesting, to say the least. I went in just looking for tenders, fries, and pop - they were one of those places where everything is healthy, organic, and with ingredients that I hadn't heard of nor knew what it was. I ordered sweet potato nachos thinking I'd get everything that comes with normal nachos with some kinda of sweet potato topping or salsa... Well it was actually sweet potatoes cut into thin circular shapes like a nacho chip with a bunch of "stuff" on top...

We then ventured to Graffiti Alley which is very spectacular, I think. We also visited some bookstores, resale shops, and a coffeeshop. It was great to just get away and experience a new place so close to home. I encourage anyone to step out of your comfort zones and just take that trip, try that new and interesting dish, or experience something you've never done before!

Pictures taken by: @hayheiss

Pictured: @wandering.wolf1 & @therealmelissakunce & myself (of course lol)


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