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Effortlessly Cool

Oh how we all wish we could wake up everyday and look effortlessly good! Everyone knows that waking up "flawless" isn't the case for anyone, we all wake up and dive into our daily rituals and routines leading up until the time we rush out the door in the morning. The truth is, looking how you do is a process. For me, when I know I have a big day ahead or an early morning departure from the house, I find and steam my clothes at night so I'm ready to go in the morning. On a normal morning, before hopping out of bed, I roll over and check the weather on my phone, then I mentally shift through my closet deciding what I'll wear. I finally hop out of bed, wash up, find the outfit that I mentally pieced together, steam it, get dressed, brush hair, lotion-up, cologne-it, grab work bag - look in the mirror to review final look, then head downstairs. Finally, I'm all set to head out the door. The objective is to always look as effortlessly cool as possible - even though we all know there's always a process to looking how you do when walking out of the door lol!

I'm pretty basic when it comes to color schemes, I really like plain neutrals like white, black, blue, and gray etc. However, I like to find pieces that show character through it's style, pattern, or texture. Here, I went with a plain white button up, however, it exemplifies some character due to it's waffle-texture and being collarless. Plus, rolling up the sleeves always gives off a more laid-back, cool look. I get a haircut every two weeks, so by the second week, I almost always throw on a hat since my lining isn't Jesus-fresh LOL. I always make sure I have nice hats/caps to throw on for this reason. This look is very versatile, you can finish it off with pretty much any color chino pants or wash of jeans - just depends on the day's occasion. Spice up the fit with some nice accessories: watch, bracelet, necklace, or sunglasses etc..

My Look:

Hat: H&M

Glasses: Tommy Hilfiger

Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Uniqlo

Watch: Michael Kors

#cool #effortless

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