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"Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of"

This past weekend I traveled to NYC and had the time of my life! There's just something magical about the city that never gets old. I always leave having gained more motivation, determination, and drive than before arriving. It's mesmerizing to see all the huge skyscrapers and the vast amount of people walking the streets and scattering like ants. I think the most amazing part is just knowing that everyone is going somewhere, they have an agenda - whether its work, a meeting, a brunch, a networking event, or to handle other errands, and they're on a mission to get to where they're going.

The midwest does not compare to NYC. I stood in awe as a woman walked off the subway and yelled at a guy, "You have to let me off first dumb fuck!". I was even more amazed that no one around was phased - obviously this was the norm. People are used to this behavior. While standing and waiting to cross the street, a guy ran over my foot with a bike and kept going. I can't even count how many times cars were honked at because they took off .2 seconds after the light turned green. While waiting to order my food, a cashier yells, "Can I help who's next!" but the customer wasn't paying attention so the cashier said, "If you get off your phone then maybe you'll be alert.". These are all things that would NEVER happen in Ohio, and if it did a huge scene would've evolved or I would be out of a job.

One thing I absolutely love about NYC is the fashion sense. Everyone I saw was dressed with their own sense of style. It was evident that everyone woke up and actually put thought and effort into their appearance. Individuality is clearly embraced, accepted, and encouraged. Speaking of fashion, a few of my looks while in the NYC are in the 4 photos. My feet and legs were on FIRE each day because of so much walking - but beauty is pain, I refused to wear tennis shoes with my fits LOL!

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