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Go Bold With Prints!

Pin stripe, plaid, or houndstooth - whatever the print may be, is a good look if done properly and worn tastefully. Prints in a suit adds character and style to your fit. Wearing the same solids can become very bland after a while, so spice things up!

Typically, I think the smaller the print the better. So thin pin stripes, small plaid and houndstooth prints are my preference. Also, don't over do the boldness, if you're going to be bold, choose to either go bold with the color or with the print - but not both. If I'm looking for a printed suit or blazer, I make sure that the color is either black, brown, blue, grey, or tan. I wouldn't look for a red printed suit or blazer. It is especially important for the printed suit to have a good fit, a baggy pin-striped suit looks tacky and makes you look like a 1920s gangster. A well-fitted pin stripe suit makes you look like a fashion-foward, sophisticated gentleman about his business.

I chose to go with a navy blue slim fit suit with a light blue pin stripe. To not look too dressy, I went with an unbuttoned stark white dress shirt underneath. With the intent on not having too much "busyness" going on, I decided to not wear a tie. As for the accessory, I tucked in a blue and brown paisley printed pocket square. This adds a touch of subtle color and breaks up the pin stripe print. Finish off the look with a nice watch and sleek pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses.

My Look:

Suit: Dillard's

Dress Shirt: Dillard's

Pocket Square: JCPenney

Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger (Elder Beerman)

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