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The Dapper Gent

The season for weddings, banquets, proms and other formal events have arrived! In a room full of men in tuxedos and women in ball gowns, you don't want to be the one in a blazer and khakis. Many people struggle with knowing when to dress formal and when to just be semi-formal. For starters, formal is as known as "after 5", which means after 5pm or evening. Typically, no formal event will be before 5pm. If you're going to an event knowing it requires you to be dressy and it starts at 2pm, chances are it isn't formal.

But what's the difference between semi-formal and formal? Semi-formal normally includes a dark suit, dark tie, and dress shoes. Whereas formal normally includes a dark (black, midnight blue, or sometimes dark maroon) tailored tux, black bow tie (no neck tie), white pleated dress shirt w/ black buttons, and black patent leather dress shoes. Sometimes a cummberbum is worn or even a tailed tux-jacket on super formal occasions. A couple keys to pull of a perfect formal look:

1. tailor, tailor, TAILOR!, 2. Groom yourself, 3. Be a gentleman, be chivalrous.

My Look:

Jacket: Kohls

Pants: H&M

Shirt: (I forgot, I had it since high school LOL)

Bow Tie: (I forgot, I had it since high school as well lmao)

Watch: Fossil

Lapel Flower: Dillard's

Shoes: Kohls

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