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Spring, Smart Casual

Smart casual is generally a neat, yet casual attire. With a smart casual look you'll combine elements that are typically considered casual with items that are generally considered dressy. This is type of attire is what you could wear to something like an afternoon brunch or other events that take place earlier in the day that don't require dress attire but is a step above casual. Typically, you wouldn't wear a fit like this for evening events. Normally events in the evening tend to be a bit dressier unless otherwise stated. Also, with it now being the Spring season, try to stick to bright color schemes. You don't want to arrive to your afternoon brunch looking like a Dementor from Harry Potter LOL.

I pulled off this smart casual look with going with a plain cream t-shirt tucked into a slim-fit light khaki chino. For this look, if your pants fit nicely on the waist, you do not need to wear a belt. Also, the t-shirt being tucked in creates a look that doesn't appear to be too casual. I paired the look with a straw hat - what screams Spring more than a straw hat? To complete the look, I went with a pair of tan casual shoes. You don't want to wear tennis shoes with this look unless they're the dressier kind - like a nice, leather pair similar to the ones you'd find at Aldo or Coach etc.. The key to pulling this look off is balance; pairing the right amount of casual and dressy elements.

My Look:

Straw Hat: H&M

T-Shirt: Forever 21

Chinos: Forever 21

Shoes: H&M

Watch: Michael Kors

Besides the watch, this whole look cost me $20! (coupons, sales, and clearance!)

#smartcasual #spring

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