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Travel In Style

Going away for a vacation or even a stay-cation? If so, remember to travel in style. It's so easy to have the mindset of dressing in sweats and a t-shirt because you'll be spending an extended amount of time on a plane, train, bus, or in a car and you just want to be comfortable. There's ways to travel in style and be comfortable, the trick is to go with non-restricted clothing but it should also have some taste to it - a step above basic. Instead of going with your regular grey sweats, put on a pair of nice fitting active joggers. Ditch the hoodie with your favorite team on the front for a sleek athletic jacket with a plain tee underneath. Wherever you are, you'll be prepared to be warm in slightly chilly weather and if it gets too warm, you can remove the layers without having to change outfits. Be sure to wear shoes that are presentable but also comfy to walk in. Finish off the look with a stylish yet durable duffel bag. I tend to travel wearing darker colors because it better hides dirt, stains, and sweat. Also, I just think darker colors exudes a certain sense of "sleekness" and sophistication.

My Look:

Cap: TJMaxx

Jacket: Forever 21

T-Shirt: Forever 21

Joggers: Nike

Shoes: Air Jordan Retro 1

Sunglasses: Calvin Klein

Duffel Bag: Banana Republic

#travel #comfortable #stylish

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