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Coolin' on Campus

College - basically a world within a world of 18-23 year old young men and women all dwelling in the same "village". Many will spend a total of 4-5 years in this place having attended countless parties, numerous campus events strictly for the free food, and many fairs for the free water bottles and t-shirts. Besides, having fun, getting free stuff, and of course - getting an education - one thing's for sure, you'll encounter thousands of people over the course of your college career. Being that you're basically spending all of your days in this secluded "world" called college with the same few thousands of people, you're going to want to always look your best!

In college, the most important thing is to be comfortable. However, I don't believe in going out in public looking any kind of way and justify it by saying, "Oh well, I'm comfortable". You don't have to arrive to class in bleached-stained sweats and house shoes (unless that's all you have); there are many ways to be stylishly comfortable and I am going to outline an example here:

I went with a very simple, cool, and comfy look by wearing a crisp white waffle-knit collarless button-up with a pair of grey lightweight joggers. The white collarless shirt gives a cool feel yet not seem too dressy due to not having a collar. To add to the relaxed look, I just pulled my joggers slightly up my calve. I completed the look with a pair of Classic Converse's and a Toledo Mud Hens cap (wear your favorite team if you'd like). With this fit you'll look trendy, cool, and most importantly - comfortable!!

My Look:

Button-Up: H&M

Joggers: Old Navy

Shoes: Classic Converse's (Kohls)

Cap: Toledo Mud Hens

Watch: Fossil

Accessory: iPhone 7 (no androids allowed, LOL jk)

#college #comfortable #casual

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