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Spring Is Here!

Spring is finally here! However, if you're a midwesterner, Spring weather is known to be a bit bipolar. It can literally rain, sleet, snow, and be sunny in the same day. Here's a guide on how to dress for those Spring days where it can be cool in morning, warm in the afternoon, and chilly at night.

For a versatile Spring look, simply pair any light-colored v-neck tee with light-washed jeans accompanied with a thin flannel to switch into when the weather turns chilly. A beanie is not required, but for balance purposes, if you do wear one go with a darker color. When it comes to deciding what shoe to wear, use your discretion. If it's raining, you can go with a pair of brown rugged boots. If the weather will be pleasantly dry, go with a pair of white sneakers or classic Converse's. Being that this look is sort of "rugged" or "hipster-ish", it's okay to wear shoes that show some wear & tear - it adds character!

Guy tip: April showers bring May flowers - but no woman wants to get caught in it. Keep a handy umbrella in your bag just in case the opportune moment arises to shield that cute girl walking from the grocery store to her car in the rain ;) It's the little things!

My Look:

Beanie: H&M

V-Neck Tee: DKNY

Jeans: H&M

Flannel: JCPenney

Shoes: Aldo

Watch: Diesel

Backpack: Marshall's

#spring #casual #versatile

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