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Casual Fridays

We all look forward to Fridays; it's the end of the work/school week and the beginning of the long-awaited weekend! If you spend 40 hours a week at the workplace then you're probably familiar with the "Dress Down Fridays". You don't want to be that stuffy guy to still wear a suit on the dress down day nor the guy with Sketchers and a polo - find your perfect medium! Pair a nice sweater with a dark wash slim-fit jean and leather casuals. The dark tone of the jeans and leather shoes will eliminate looking too "casual". Color wise, I tend to stick with blacks, blues, grays, browns, and white. However, I like to express boldness through simple patterns or textures versus color because it adds a more subtle uniqueness to my fit, I think. Pulling off this easy-to-do look will have you walking in the office looking sporty, casual, & comfortable yet still professional and presentable.

My Look:

-Sweater: H&M

-Jeans: H&M

-Shoes: Kohls

-Watch: Michael Kors

-Sunglasses: Calvin Klein

-Bag: Polo Ralph Lauren

#casual #friday #sporty

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